Sequim-Port Angeles Over the Hill Hikers

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Hike the mountains, forests, and beaches of the Olympic Peninsula on Wednesdays and Fridays with Over the Hill Hikers.  The group’s hikes include a wide variety of trails from the remote back country in summertime to beachfronts and lower altitude areas in the winter.  Participants age 50 and up are welcome. It is helpful to have previous hiking experience.

For more information call Pete Erickson @ (360) 301-6253 ( ;Sarah Miller @ (206) 947-1347 (; Pat Frantz @ (503) 883-1160 ( Matt Mahowald @(360) 622-5807 (

WHERE WE MEET: (New Time Change)

Hikers will meet in the Sequim Safeway Gas Station Parking Lot (just west of the gas station and south of Goodwill) by 8:15 a.m., in order to be able to leave promptly at 8:30 a.m. This is a new meeting time as of April/2024. Long Friday hikers may often leave even earlier, so check the calendar. An e-mail will usually go out, as well, with this notification a day or two in advance.


Inclement weather does NOT usually cancel a hike, unless unsafe conditions warrant this cancellation. Hikes range from 5-14 miles round trip with an elevation gain of anywhere between several hundred feet upwards of 3,000’.

Wed. hikes: usually Easy-to-Moderate level hikes of ~ 5-7 miles and a minimal elevation gain up to 1,000’ (w/ very few exceptions)

Friday hikes: usually in the Moderate-to-Difficult level in the 7-14 mile range and normally between 1,000’ – 3,000’ elevation, in general.

Each hiker is responsible for their own safety and insurance.

Please try to carpool with people of your own hiking ability.

Carrying a backpack with the Ten Essentials (see below) and plenty of water (1 liter+/5 miles) and electrolytes is essential, plus your own snack and a lunch (especially on the Friday hikes).

No dogs are allowed on these group OTHH hikes. Thank you.

Leave No Trace:

We follow Wilderness Regulations limiting the number of hikers within our group to 12 in designated wilderness and in the Olympic National Park.  This means that on wilderness hikes (as indicated on our calendar), the hiking group will be split up into smaller parties, if more than 12 people come to the hike.  Hike leaders will maintain a one-mile (20-30 minute) separation between the parties.  If a second hike leader is unavailable, hikers will be selected on a first-come, first chosen basis, so if you are not able to lead the hike, be prepared to arrive to the carpool location early. 

Gas Reimbursements: Please reimburse your driver in the range of $2 - $10/trip, depending upon the distance travelled, the type of car/truck driven; the type of roads travelled, etc. Remember, that in addition to gas, the driver is also taking care of maintenance of the vehicle and possibly a car wash after the hike! Ask your driver what is an equitable reimbursement. Please do not expect them to tell you. Examples would be

$ 2/local (less than 15 min.); 

$3/15 min. – ½ hour; 

$5 – ½ hour – 1 hour; 

$7/ more than an hour; 

$10 – 2 hours (like Ozette Triangle).

Change of Shoes: It is helpful to bring a clean change of shoes after you are done with a hike. This also helps keep the car clean of mud and debris. Bring a clean change of shoes in a bag that you leave in the car. It is also more comfortable for you to have a change of shoes (& clean socks) after a hike!

10 Essentials:

10 Essentials and other hiking tips

Northwest Avalanche Center

Sequim weather

Port Angeles weather

Olympic National Forest info

Olympic National Park Info

Hazards and Liability

Hiking has risks, and safety is a high priority on every outing.  Hazards include uneven trails, drop-offs, slippery rocks, stream crossings, wildlife encounters, and even auto accidents.  Participants are expected to be able to safely negotiate the trails that they choose to hike. In addition hikers must be cognizant of noxious plants and ticks.  The hiking group assumes no collective or individual liability for any mishaps.  Hiking is at your own risk.

This website provides public information only and is not part of any formal club or organization. Hikers gather informally and hike at their own risk. Hike leaders are volunteers and should not be relied upon to have any special skills or training.

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